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Since when does something low wattage look this hot? Designer Monica Singer invites you to cut and create a one-of-a-kind pendant sculpture. The Cut Light arrives in raw form: a clear canister filled with lightweight, laser cut polyester ribbons and a complementary pair of shears. At an affordable price of $69US, anyone can snip the […]

Thanks to Fab Green reader Carly for turning us on to these sporty, sun-powered bags and portable chargers by Reware. The Juice Bag (shown above) gets is “juice” from the sun, thanks to thin, flexible solar panels stitched to the bag’s exterior. Perfect for charging up mp3 players, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras while […]

A roundup of fabulously green style finds around the web… HOT IN THE KITCHEN Ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, stove tops, hoods in flaming hot colorsEnergy efficient appliances by Baumatic Dance PartnersSpotted at Appliancist FEEL-THRU STYLE Feel Thru Felt Panels by ABR Produccion Made of biodegradable felt. Can be converted into wall art, table runnersSpotted at Charles […]

First I fell in love with British designer Stuart Haygarth‘s eclectically modern Tide Chandelier. Here’s another creation that puts the idea of “design” in “disposable.” DISPOSABLE CHANDELIER by Stuart Haygarth Created from 416 disposable plastic wine glasses, this jewel of a chandelier gets its colorful glow from a pink fluorescent light source (that means energy […]

If Marie Antoinette were a modernist, she probably would have been drawn to this hot, acrylic Palazzo T4 Chandelier. It’s more minimalist than the popular Murano Glass Chandelier sold at Design Within Reach but at half the cost. Designed by British innovator Patricia Adler of Peppermint it can be hung indoors or out–thanks to its […]

How beautiful is this? A sculptural light by über Dutch designer Tord Boontje made of overlapping feather shapes cut from Mylar. A surprising poetic flight of fancy for any space. And at $80, the Icarus is also very wallet-friendly. The Fab Factor: We love that it’s packed flat (for minimal packaging) then springs to life […]

If you are interested in turning your energy-draining home into an eco-friendly one, you may want to enter Whirlpool’s “Home Energy Blueprint” Contest. Whirlpool is seeking 10 homeowners to participate in a free green home makeover. Finalists receive a line of Energy Star appliances and other green goodies from Lowe’s. The application deadline is August […]

Here’s a chance for designers to put their talent for style and sustainability to the test: “Light Objects” asks participants to submit design concepts–for any product, service or system–that are thoughtful, forward-looking, elegant and environmentally beneficial. Designers are encouraged to go farther than making their entries ‘sustainable’ or merely reducing the negative impact that production […]

These limited edition Steam Direct washers by LG turn energy conservation into a style statement. Taking inspiration from textile design, LG tapped British textile company Designers Guild to create these gorgeous designs: Cloisonné – striking gloss butterflies and flowers on a black matt background; Imperial Flower – a stunning red floral damask design on a […]

What happens when you team up an architectural designer, a filmmaker, a media scientist and an LED entrepreneur? Future-forward textiles that literally light up a room. LUME‘s ingenious gang of four Talia Dorsey, Joshua Dorsey, Mathew Laiborwitz and Eran Plonski have created a revolutionary line of LED-lit fabrics that can be stretched, draped and tailored. […]