Another pair of sales fresh from the Fab Green inbox:

Branch Home | Warehouse Sale in San Fran on Thursday, September 18, 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Up to 70% discount off lightly dented pieces, discontinued items, and holiday items.


245 South Van Ness Ave., Suite #304
San Francisco CA 94103

For non-denizens fear not, the online sale starts the following day on the 19th. Mark your calendars.

Mod Green Pod | End of Season Sale 25% off its whimsical collection of organic fabrics, wallpaper and upholstery.


Just in from the Fab Green inbox: two end-of-season sales just in time for fall.

GreenLoop | 20% off green tees until September 16th

Lucina Jewelry | 20% off everything until September 17th

Some things are better the second time around. Case in point: Ecoist’s collection of fashion accessories designed and made entirely from repurposed Coke Cola labels. Ecoist sources its raw materials from Coke manufacturers in Peru (rescuing the misprinted or discontinued), and local artisans weave labels into a variety of bags and clutches. Check out the process here.

According to Ecoist, the collection is certified fair trade, and they plant a tree with each purchase. It’s partnership with soft drink juggernaut like Coke may not be able to help rescue the millions of bottles consumed and cast off in other parts of the world, but keeping the manufacture of their styling accessories local keeps the footprint small.

Baguette Clutch, $48 at Ecoist or check out the entire Coke collection.

When faced with constraints, a designer sometimes becomes more creative. This is definitely true for me, and I suspect true for a few of the Season Five designers on Project Runway. In last week’s episode Fashion that Drives You, designers were challenged to fashion an outfit from car parts — a Saturn VUE Hybrid to be exact. Maybe too many designers reached straight for the seatbelts, but some really took fashion from driveable to wearable. Check it out…

Korto wowed the likes of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and guest judge Rachel Zoe with her woven coat-dress made from recycled glimmery seatbelts. Rachel Zoe was jonesing to take it out for a personal test drive.

Continue reading ‘FASHION | Project Runway’s Saturn Challenge

I’ve always loved Vivavi’s selection of modern, green designer furniture and accessories offered in its online boutique. But isn’t it better to offer a shop where one can actually sink into the chaise and lounge chairs? Apparently Vivavi thought so too, having recently opened its flagship “Eco pop-up” store in downtown Manhattan.

The shop is part retail, part apartment showcase: hosted in Apartment 8D at Riverhouse, a luxury green condo complex located in new Battery Park City.

Prices reflect the well-edited selection of high-end designers they carry, but you can find a few affordable options like the Maku Ottoman ($349) by Team 7, the classic looking Arborline Side Chair ($385) by J. Persing, and botanically-inspired organic duvet covers by personal Fab Green favorite Amenity ($320).

Splurge items include the beautiful artwork of Sandy Schimmel whom we featured earlier this week, and the curvy yet minimalist Animavi Club Chair and Ottoman (shown in black above).


Apt. 8D at the Riverhouse
2 River Terrace
New York, NY 10282

Store Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 4pm

Thanks to Josh at Vivavi for writing in. Congratulations on the shop!

The best part of your beauty regimen is right in your kitchen

The best part of your health & beauty regimen may be hiding in your kitchen.

My friend Edmund, who works with eco-rocker Sheryl Crow and introduced me to chemical-free cleaning, lives by a simple rule:

if you can’t eat it, don’t use it — and for
Pete’s sake don’t ever put it on your skin.

Much has been written about the chemicals found in cosmetics that may contribute to rising statistics of breast cancer in young women, testicular cancer, infertility and learning disabilities (check out this article “The Chemistry of Beauty” by Sena Christian). Stats aside, it doesn’t take Madame Curie to question what the downsides might be of slathering ourselves with chemical compounds does it?

It’s time to replace and revive. One of the first natural products worth giving a try may be found right in your own kitchen: olive oil. Julia Ormond’s character washed her hair with it in the film the English Patient, and the Hellenic men of Sparta were said to have oiled themselves at the gymnasium to bring more visual definition to their bodies. So whether you’re male or female the beauty secrets go on…


  • Makes for a great shave.
  • Moisturizes cuticles, legs, elbows and feet right after shaving, showering or waxing.
  • Controls frizz on humid days. Dab on the way you would any other hair laminating product.
  • Removes your make up. Just rub on, wipe off.
  • Exfoliates. Mix in with some sugar or sea salt — scrub and relax


  • Consumer Reports recommends Goya Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a solid all-purpose oil.
  • Stick with cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oils.
  • Choose oils stored in dark bottles or opaque containers since light can make oils turn rancid.
Thanks to Curbly for the tips. If you’re interested in other alternative uses for olive oil (25 in all) don’t miss their hotlist here. It’s a great one!

All American Blonde, Schimmel Art

All American Blonde, Schimmel Art

Fans of the late pop artist Andy Warhol take note: Sandy Schimmel’s portraits of the rich and famous can lay claim to one thing Warhol’s canvases can’t. They’ve got a bit of superhero in them: having rescued postcards from the edge, and homeless, post-season Christmas cards from the depths of disposal. Trash to treasure never looked so bold, emotional, raw, and mosaics never looked so modern.

Schimmel’s masterpieces call upon junk mail, other discarded ephemera to create something eye-catching and tactile. A self-proclaimed “art room brat,” she traveled to Turkey to master the art of mosaics. She was looking for a way to create the look of stained glass and after experimentation perfected her signature method. Check out this video interview with Schimmel to learn more.


First she paints a portrait. Jimi Hendrix. John Lennon. Twiggy. Even you (for a custom fee).

Next, she dives into what I imagine to be Olympic-sized collection of paper ephemera to create her palette of colors and textures. Schimmel hand cuts each piece, applies them to a painting, and well, you can appreciate the rest.

I discovered Schimmel’s appropriately enough, through my mailbox. She mailed me a postcard from her Phoenix studio and I was drawn immediately into her world. You can view the full collection and learn about gifting a custom artpiece at Schimmel’s website.


Sandy Schimmel is on exhibit across the U.S. See the events calendar for more information.


>> DESIGN BY RESCUE | Newsworthy Wallpaper

>> DIY STYLE FILE | Office Wall Art

Courtesy of Blueprint Magazine

Here’s a fast and fabulous furniture idea from Blueprint Magazine, one of my favorite but sadly discontinued design sources. Closet storage cubes come together to create a coffee table and storage unit.

How-to instructions and sources are still available on the Blueprint website, but it’s easy to figure out how it’s done — and design your own variation.


Sure this storage sectional makes a handsome coffee table, but why not try turning it into a display shelf, wall partition, end tables or additional seating?

Courtesy of Moco Loco


Create your own two-tone masterpiece using eco-friendly, healthier low or non-voc paints by Yolo Colorhouse, Benjamin Moore, or Fine Paints of Europe.

Prefer prints or patterns? Try these:


Happy Spring! Even in balmy Los Angeles we must deal with a light shower now and then (just last night in fact). And while no one really talks about umbrellas and the landfill let’s face it — we’ve all thrown away our share of cheap, black umbrellas in our lifetimes (present company included).

How the folks over at Brelli pondered the idea of designing a sleek, earth-friendly umbrella remains an interesting mystery but the results are fabulous. Launched just in time this Spring, the Brelli is a beautifully sheer little number that shelters you while protecting the planet from further waste. Sturdy and sustainable thanks to a bamboo frame that will withstand the gustiest of winds, and a material that is 100% biodegradable.

The Brelli is sold in limited distribution through Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Jussera Lee in New York. However, you can order one via the Brelli website. Available in two sizes, the Brelli is priced between $28 and $38USD.

Via Inhabitat via Ecofabulous


Shabby chic less the shabby. This weekend project works great on cast-off dressers, sideboards, desks, and tabletops. If you don’t already have a piece in your own pad to experiment with, try hunting down a gem on Craigslist, a local flea market, Goodwill or garage sale.

A Green Twist
Finish it off with a hip, healthier paint option like Yolo’s Sprout Collection (for modern, spring-inspired colors), Benjamin Moore’s Aura, or Fine Paints of Europe (for rich, historically-derived colors). Other companies like Pantone have started offering non-VOC or low-VOC paints and primers as well so it’s much easier to go high style and fume free. The few extra dollars per gallon is worth it for the health and environmental benefits.

Video Podcast Instructions

Prefer written instructions? Check out the complete post by Chris Gardner on Curbly.

Check out our full list of DIY Design ideas here.