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When faced with constraints, a designer sometimes becomes more creative. This is definitely true for me, and I suspect true for a few of the Season Five designers on Project Runway. In last week’s episode Fashion that Drives You, designers were challenged to fashion an outfit from car parts — a Saturn VUE Hybrid to […]

This year’s Esthetica Show brought together an impressive set of designers pushing the envelope of style and sustainability. But after spending a week on Google hunting for runway photos and coming up embarrassingly short, I have to wonder just how seriously the fashion world is taking the idea of ethically conscious fashion? With the exception […]

Some designers push the limits. Dame Vivienne Westwood blows them up. At Paris Fashion Week showcased Vivienne Westwood’s collection was colorful, wild and childlike and — eco outrageous. How’s that for a new term? It all began with a letter mailed to the the queen of punk fashion from an elementary school class in Nottingham, […]