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Shabby chic less the shabby. This weekend project works great on cast-off dressers, sideboards, desks, and tabletops. If you don’t already have a piece in your own pad to experiment with, try hunting down a gem on Craigslist, a local flea market, Goodwill or garage sale. A Green Twist Finish it off with a hip, […]

Some kids collected baseball cards or stamps. I collected paint chips. Really. The aspiring little designer in me fell in love with these bands of gorgeous color and their delicious names (though I always wondered who gets the honor of naming all 500+ colors of yellow? Anyone of you know?). I hoarded them for crafts, […]

I’m a big advocate for chemical-free environments, and have been searching for paints that offer eco-friendly benefit and a beautiful color palette. Enter Yolo Colorhouse, an Oregon-based company whose concern for their own health inspired them to experiment with eco-friendly recipes (read their story). Their efforts resulted in the launch of a premium, zero-voc paint […]