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Metropolitan Magazine is looking for a design superhero. Could it be you? Rising energy costs present new design problems” — Metropolis Magazine It’s a competition challenging us to “redesign the broken models of the 20th century. Challenge our patterns of living and working in a fuel-hungry world…come up with solutions that connect us, make us […]

Booklovers now have their own house of worship: the Selexyz Bookstore. Designed by Dutch firm Merkx + Girod, the Selexyz in Maastrict takes its Gothic aspirational feel from the medieval Dominican church that contains it. The conversion of the church into a retail store centered around a simple, elegant idea: create a freestanding three-story bookshelf […]

Sorry Barney’s, tricks are for kids. You earned my fashion rant today for using online greenwashing to tug at the social conscience of readers, and pull them into the Barney’s e-boutique. Click on its hard-to-miss “Give Good Green” banner and you’ll be sent to its Womens shop with nere a green item (nor mention […]

Angelina Jolie created a buzz Sunday night when she wore a $26 vintage frock to the New York premiere of her new film “A Mighty Heart”. Jolie gushed on camera to Access Hollywood about the “G” fashion find–a black, crushed velvet gown bought on the cheap by a friend at Wasteland, the longstanding vintage mecca […]

Yes, been a bit MIA of late. Lots of things brewing over here–all fabulous, all green. I officially joined the team over at G Living as Managing Editor (yippee) and the last two weeks we’ve been in heavy ramp up mode. Full-time position has taken on a whole new meaning–let’s just say I’ve barely opened […]

Taxes. Work deadlines. Press deadlines. You get the picture…I’ve been trapped under something heavy. So as to not leave you empty-handed for too long, I’m passing on a tip I just discovered over the weekend. It will make your vintage, second-hand shopping much, much easier. And the reuse of pre-loved pieces is one of the […]

We’ve all had half a month to devour Domino’s Eco-Chic Design issue. Did you know they also threw an eco-style launch party? According to Brooklyn blogger Elaine Perlov of i am a fashion designer. gee, the CondĂ© Nast folks and friends are sophisticated hotties, who wined and dined the night away in eco-friendly fashion. See […]

It’s always nice to be loved. Thanks N.E.E.T. Magazine for giving Fabulously Green a shout out in their March issue: “These days looking good doesn’t have to get in the way of doing good as Fabulously Green proves. This eco-friendly blog effortlessly rounds up style finds from vegan to vintage for those who believe the […]

One of my favorite style magazines Domino has gone fabulously green! Their March issue, out on newsstands today, showcases many green goodies to love in the world of design on their “green list”: furniture, accent pillows, fabrics, flooring, rugs, wallpaper, and toxic-free, color-rich paints. It is generously packed with things and ideas you need to […]

It’s a British invasion and it’s called Sublime. This fresh and edgy looking magazine hopes to bring a bold take on creating an ethical lifestyle. Inside the inaugural issue: How the ONE campaign eviscorate poverty and Aids; How To Buy Happiness, a look behind the Diamond industry, and a photographic journey through the “Widest Crater […]