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Photo courtesy of Salvage One Sometimes the most precious pieces are ones are those you find in unexpected places. The antique mirror you scored at a flea market, the Phillipe Starck chairs you got for $69 each at Hotel Surplus Outlet, the handsome used Eames Lounge Chair knockoff bought on eBay for $50 (yes, it’s […]

Tord Boontje has designed another elegant and modern light fixture. The 2nd Shadow table lamp is created out of a duet of ideas Boontje’s played with before: delicate, cascades of florals (think Garland Light), with translucent glowing sheets of mylar (think Icarus). The result is pure magic: a light that when on reflects enchanted shadows […]

Since when does something low wattage look this hot? Designer Monica Singer invites you to cut and create a one-of-a-kind pendant sculpture. The Cut Light arrives in raw form: a clear canister filled with lightweight, laser cut polyester ribbons and a complementary pair of shears. At an affordable price of $69US, anyone can snip the […]

Here’s a new one from British designer and Fab Green favorite Stuart Haygarth whom I love for his ability to transform castoff objects like plastic wine glasses and plastic containers into high style lighting here and here. This time he’s used old prescription lenses to create an enchanted chandelier called Optical. The 1.5m diameter chandelier, […]

It’s always exciting to see what’s new at Illu Stration, Mary Ann Williams’ German-based design studio known for innovating exquisitely tactile felt furnishings and accessories. Mary Ann sent me these photos earlier in the summer (oops) but aren’t they perfect for late fall? Oak Leaves is a modular system which are either available assembled or […]

Use UK is the brainchild of designer Nicola Prodromou, a “recycled interiors company” that transforms old textile sample books, fabric remnants, and recycled cardboard into elegant, high style lampshades, throw pillows, wall art — even bookmarks for bibliophiles (that’s me). The studio’s raw materials are gathered from Nicola’s day job as a design technician, “I […]

Mary-Ann Williams of Illu Stration just sent over some pictures of beautiful light furnishings for spring. Amazing. Her felted rugs blew me away last year, and she continues to push her felting methods to new heights. Thanks Mary-Ann! 01 ORIGAMI Pendant lamp, floor lamp, lampshade: felt 100% pure new wool 02-03 PLISSEE un-dyed felt Pendant […]

First I fell in love with British designer Stuart Haygarth‘s eclectically modern Tide Chandelier. Here’s another creation that puts the idea of “design” in “disposable.” DISPOSABLE CHANDELIER by Stuart Haygarth Created from 416 disposable plastic wine glasses, this jewel of a chandelier gets its colorful glow from a pink fluorescent light source (that means energy […]

DESIGN A-PEEL Single Tapete Reusable Wallpapers by SB2Designs Spotted at StyleHive LIKE A RIBBON IN THE SKY Curly Shade Pendant by Sixixis, ¬£165.00 Spotted in Dwell METAL REDUX Meccano Chair by andr√© klauser is made from ready-made industrial shelving material. [Via My Aim is True via designboom] LIGHT MY FIRE Vintage Wood Burning Fireplace at […]

I discovered this Atomic Pendant Lamp by Jeff Schneider on one of my virtual strolls through Apartment Therapy and was immediately drawn to its bubbly nature — thanks to over 400 ping pong balls and a hot glue gun. Jeff was kind enough to share his DIY instructions with anyone looking for a crafty light […]