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My friend Edmund, who works with eco-rocker Sheryl Crow and introduced me to chemical-free cleaning, lives by a simple rule: if you can’t eat it, don’t use it — and for Pete’s sake don’t ever put it on your skin. Much has been written about the chemicals found in cosmetics that may contribute to rising […]

Happy Spring! Even in balmy Los Angeles we must deal with a light shower now and then (just last night in fact). And while no one really talks about umbrellas and the landfill let’s face it — we’ve all thrown away our share of cheap, black umbrellas in our lifetimes (present company included). How the […]

I confess that despite having a mad green streak, I’ve only been able to remember to “B.Y.O.B.” when my “B” is functional and pretty. Maybe you’ve got the same problem? If so I’ve created this groovy guide to fab shopping gear: for guys and gals, in lots of styles. Face it: it’s hotter than plastic […]

As a designer I subscribe to the “less is more” philosophy of style — in design and in life. While I am a fan of Design Within Reach’s selection of modernist classics, let’s face it: their catalogs showcase a lot of product reruns. And just how did I get put on Frederick’s of Hollywood’s “it” […]

I’m enraptured by these gift papers by Fish Lips Designs. Bold graphics printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Oh, and the dyes are soy-based and chemical-free. As a former graphic designer I will say that going green in printing and paper is no easy feat. And the prices for papers are pretty reasonable. DIY tip: […]

Do you know long does it take for a bag to decompose? According to an article by Slate, scientists wager it may take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years. But since plastic grocery bags have only been around for 50 years, it’s anyone’s guess. They are the “mystery meat” of the landfill. All that plastic–not […]

You may remember back in March we announced Tricycle’s Ample Sample Contest, daring interior designers to transform their stacks of carpet samples into an appealing, functional interiors product. Ample Sample contest hosts Tricycle, Bentley Prince Street and Floor Focus Magazine designed the contest to help promote the “rescue by design” of hundreds of thousands of […]

Thanks to Fab Green reader Carly for turning us on to these sporty, sun-powered bags and portable chargers by Reware. The Juice Bag (shown above) gets is “juice” from the sun, thanks to thin, flexible solar panels stitched to the bag’s exterior. Perfect for charging up mp3 players, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras while […]

Let me be honest: I wanted to love this purple pill. I wanted it to deliver the aromatherapy I sorely needed and that was promised to me by the company. In truth, the new aroma pill by method falls very short of my expectations. Although a delight on the eyes, it’s been an assault on […]

Less is more. Case in point: Apartment Therapy‘s 3rd Annual Smallest Coolest Apartment 2007 contest. Over 100 entries showcased the art of living large in a small space. The votes have been tallied, but you can still catch the full gallery of designs, floor plans, and how-to descriptions. Great design inspiration for your cozy lil’ […]