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Do you know long does it take for a bag to decompose? According to an article by Slate, scientists wager it may take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years. But since plastic grocery bags have only been around for 50 years, it’s anyone’s guess. They are the “mystery meat” of the landfill. All that plastic–not […]

Zanisa is an online boutique well-stocked with green and gorgeous gifts for him, her, baby–even for your pet. Founder Susan Lawrence launched Zanisa as “a labor of love” and it shows. A beautifully drawn symbol legend helps shoppers understand the degree of “green” characteristics in each product. There’s a broad range of green style gifts […]

Remember these? We’ve declared our love for SIGG last September for these sleek, customizable bottles designed for style-conscious, earth-friendly people on-the-go. With over 144 designs to select from, coffee lovers everywhere could find a fun, expressive alternative to the impersonal, disposable paper cup. Now your chance to design your own SIGG has arrived. SIGG is […]

Curbly has become my go-to site for inspiring DIY style projects for the home. Here’s one for gourmets looking to add some spice to your storage. Goodbye clunky, lazy Susan! Amber of My Aim is True used watchmaker’s tins made from recyclable glass-topped aluminum. Some magnets and a hot glue gun and voila–sleek, easy-to-find spice […]

“Paper or plastic?” That’s the proverbial question of our generation. I’ve run mental circles around it and have made attempts to bring-my-own-bag without much success. Perhaps it’s because it’s a “logo-ed” Whole Foods bag and I feel self-conscious taking it to Trader Joe’s. Or maybe because it’s a sturdier, unattractive plastic bag I have to […]

Looking for love this Valentine’s season? Here few fabulously green finds that bring some love and tenderness to your one-and-only, your gal pal and our planet. LOVE NOTES These handmade cards by GG2G inspire the “touchy-feelie” this Valentine’s Day. Each one-of-a-kind design is crafted using salvaged fabrics and samples, and printed on 75% hemp/25% post-consumer […]

Here are a few great gifts for those on your list who deserve a little extra pampering this holiday season. Maybe you too! All the products are made of organic goodness, to help you feel pampered inside and out. Enjoy! London Lemon Curd Scroll Soap handmade by You Stink. Consider Sandra a soap artiste. She’s […]

A Finlandia vodka on the rocks would probably be incomplete without sculpted ice from this Alvar Aalto-inspired ice cube tray. Designed from a vase design Aalto created in 1937 for iittala, this ice cube tray is made from molded, sustainable rubber. Would Aalto be cold to the idea? iittala, whose company motto incidentally is “Against […]

I’ve been thinking about planting an herb garden for my kitchen but as an apartment dweller face a severe lack of yard and space. Leave it to a Japanese design company to create diminuitive garden pieces that can fit anywhere. These Egg Plants by SMP feature sprigs of basil, mint, thyme, parsley, chamomile, lemon balm […]

These groovy coasters from Vinylux put a cool spin on any house party, or work as a great housewarming gift for that certain music lover in your life. Made from recycled vintage records, an assorted set of six (for $20) comes packed in their own putaway case. Or grab those favorite 45s from seventh grade […]