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Happy Spring! Even in balmy Los Angeles we must deal with a light shower now and then (just last night in fact). And while no one really talks about umbrellas and the landfill let’s face it — we’ve all thrown away our share of cheap, black umbrellas in our lifetimes (present company included). How the […]

Thanks to Fab Green reader Carly for turning us on to these sporty, sun-powered bags and portable chargers by Reware. The Juice Bag (shown above) gets is “juice” from the sun, thanks to thin, flexible solar panels stitched to the bag’s exterior. Perfect for charging up mp3 players, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras while […]

Let me be honest: I wanted to love this purple pill. I wanted it to deliver the aromatherapy I sorely needed and that was promised to me by the company. In truth, the new aroma pill by method falls very short of my expectations. Although a delight on the eyes, it’s been an assault on […]

Zanisa is an online boutique well-stocked with green and gorgeous gifts for him, her, baby–even for your pet. Founder Susan Lawrence launched Zanisa as “a labor of love” and it shows. A beautifully drawn symbol legend helps shoppers understand the degree of “green” characteristics in each product. There’s a broad range of green style gifts […]

Here are some green gifting ideas for your favorite urban hipster, technophile, High Fidelity-loving boyfriend, husband, brother or guy pal. Happy hunting. Movie Billboard Wallets by ModuLab, $19USD, spotted at re:modern Refashioned from Hollywood’s cast off vinyl billboard posters, these wallets have been a popular eco-style item this year. Chile-based Modulab also makes a wide […]

Welcome to the first in a series of five fabgreen gift guides for the holidays! These gift ideas are made with love for design and the planet which makes the act of giving truly special. Enjoy! And if you’ve got a great gift idea you want to share I’d love to hear from you. Today’s […]

Oops. I had saved this entry for Halloween (an homage to orange is the best that I can do) so it’s being served a tad bit late. I found these pumpkin-colored beauties at Hi+Lo Modern, an excellent vintage boutique for modern wares. Many fab finds to be had if you particularly like Scandinavian style pieces. […]

There’s been much Sturm und Drang (thanks Tim Gunn) over Greenpeace’s campaign to “green” Apple’s iproducts. As a loyal Apple customer since 1986 (yes, that’s right folks! I was happily inculcated as a high school junior with that first SE-30–remember those little things?), so I was disheartened to hear alleged reports that they haven’t committed […]

The hiker and Starbucks addict in me adores these Sigg bottles: they’re non-plastic (no funky aftertaste or leaching) and good looking to boot. True to Swiss-quality engineering, bottle top styles are interchangeable so you can change your Sigg to suit your needs–from camping in the woods or bringing coffee to the office. The dizzying array […]

How gorgeous are these Sixties Style telephones? These retro originals that have been restored by hand. All the parts you can see are vintage, but with a state-of-the-art microphone, wiring and cord, they work like they’re brand new and plug into a modern day jack. Available in limited supply for $160 at Uncommon Goods. The […]