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Interpretations of the houndstooth for floors began with cool cork tiles by . But if you’re more the warm and fuzzy type, you may opt instead for these modular felt floor tiles designed by Charlotte Lancelot: Felt Floor, Felt lighting, orchid hooks. Interview! Advertisements

Sorry for the innuendo, I couldn’t resist (it’s Friday after all). Anyway, MIO once again delivers a goodie for the home: ModuTiles. Designers Jaime Salm and Hannah Berkin are behind these place-and-play floor tiles, which give homeowners and apartment dwellers alike the opportunity to piece together their own rugs, runners, even an entire floor. Each […]

Bamboo flooring is truly beautiful and becoming a popular alternative to hardwood. For lovers of color, Duro Design offers a dizzying line of 50+ colors that grace residential, retail and commercial spaces ranging from earthy blondes and browns, to bolder blues and sassy citrus hues. Architects and interior designers will love them because specifying bamboo […]