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Fans of the late pop artist Andy Warhol take note: Sandy Schimmel’s portraits of the rich and famous can lay claim to one thing Warhol’s canvases can’t. They’ve got a bit of superhero in them: having rescued postcards from the edge, and homeless, post-season Christmas cards from the depths of disposal. Trash to treasure never […]

Sweet dreams are made of this: modern, botanically inspired linens that just might be healthy for you. One of my favorite decor designers Amenity Home has gone completely organic. Nice going! They also have introduced their once-custom order Muir Bed as a regular offering. Mid-century inspired, it’s made from mostly reclaimed Douglas Fir, finished with […]

Some designers push the limits. Dame Vivienne Westwood blows them up. At Paris Fashion Week showcased Vivienne Westwood’s collection was colorful, wild and childlike and — eco outrageous. How’s that for a new term? It all began with a letter mailed to the the queen of punk fashion from an elementary school class in Nottingham, […]

I can hardly contain myself — one of my favorite contemporary artists Tara Donovan is exhibiting again. Her latest work Colony, an undulating carpet of no. 2 graphite pencils (18,000 used in all) has joined other installations at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA — revealing the artistic possibilities of the prosaic pencil. Fab […]

We’ve featured the wonders of recycled water bottles as art before, but this cascading fabric designed by British artist Michelle Brand truly mesmerizes me. The inspiration for these plastic petals were found at the bottom of a bottle–literally. Turn your empty Dasani bottle upside down and voila–a botanically inspired base. Michelle cuts, sands, and strings […]

Use UK is the brainchild of designer Nicola Prodromou, a “recycled interiors company” that transforms old textile sample books, fabric remnants, and recycled cardboard into elegant, high style lampshades, throw pillows, wall art — even bookmarks for bibliophiles (that’s me). The studio’s raw materials are gathered from Nicola’s day job as a design technician, “I […]

Decorative wall decals are an simple way to personalize and dramatically change the look and feel of any room. They’re ideal for artistic little tykes, who can mix and match to their hearts’ content. These stainless-steel Wall Puddles by Toord Boontje bring a little bling to any wall. Three designs in all: Bird (7” x […]

Lovers of vintage print and pattern wallpapers will find much design inspiration at Secondhand Rose, New York-based boutique that stocks over 1000 original vintage wallpaper patterns and collectibles (including the occasional Frank Lloyd Wright print). They sell online and will ship to anywhere in the world. Don’t be put off by the overabundance of Victorian […]

Loyal FabGreen readers know what a huge fan I am of Sarah Cihat‘s refashioned dishware. I’ve been on the hunt for a photo showing how incredible her dishes would look on a wall. Thanks to the L.A. gang at Apartment Therapy we’ve got one. Shown in the advanced copy of the Brocade Home catalog. Thanks […]

Holly Becker over at decor8 posted this fabulously green idea yesterday that seemed perfect for those among us who need a 12-step program to rein in our magazine addictions: design-your-own wallcovering. Tools: a paper shredder that can turn those Vogue mags into long and lean ribbons. Cross-cut patterns will work too, but you will have […]