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Booklovers now have their own house of worship: the Selexyz Bookstore. Designed by Dutch firm Merkx + Girod, the Selexyz in Maastrict takes its Gothic aspirational feel from the medieval Dominican church that contains it. The conversion of the church into a retail store centered around a simple, elegant idea: create a freestanding three-story bookshelf […]

If you’re in the Los Angeles area this March 14-16 weekend and love modern design and architecture, don’t miss the 5th annual Caboom Show: the largest showcase of independent, contemporary design on the West Coast. On the list of special home tours includes one project particularly close to my heart and had the opportunity to […]

For California-based FabGreen fans with dual passions for fashion and interior design the “Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture” exhibit at the MOCA in Los Angeles is a must-see experience. I checked it out on Saturday with some out-of-town friends and have been swirling in a dervish of ideas and inspiration since. […]

Thanks to fellow StyleHiver Julie3Jax I’ve fallen madly in love with Kyoto-based Eriko Horiki and her company’s stunning washi finishes for modern interiors. The piece above, called Sun, was actually created as one piece (gasp) and it took 12 people two months to complete. Mulberry stems (the raw material of this washi) were embedded to […]

Many of us (FG included) would cringe at the thought of living near a freeway. What about under one–literally? This home designed by Boston-based architects Jinhee Park and John Hong of Single speed Design may just change our minds. Built almost entirely of leftover materials, this house shows us how “trash-to-treasure” can work in architecture […]

If you’re a homeowner or design professional who’s passionate about green home design you may want to check out the upcoming West Coast Green Expo in San Francisco. Described by event organizers as a “feast for the senses” they promise it will be “more Woodstock” than stuffy tradeshow. It’s going to be a three-day extravaganza […]

Never did I think I would post a project from Extreme Home Makeover (a designer’s worst nightmare), but I do give credit where credit is due. This backyard yoga meditation studio uses color LED lighting and translucent polycarbonate walls to create an everchanging but always serene little sanctuary. The energy-efficiency of LEDs brings additional stress […]

Mark your calendars: Dwell Magazine is hosting its third annual Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition this coming September 15th-17th in San Francisco. WHO: architects, designers, innovators and modern design enthusiasts. WHAT: special home tours, a marketplace for shopper, and many opportunities to see and hear from the pioneers of the prefab movement. Other hot […]

Ah, nothing beats styling celeb, environmental advocate and architecture buff Brad Pitt to help generate media interest in green design. Back in April, Brad and national environmental organization Global Green USA teamed up to sponsor a eco-design competition to rebuild parts of New Orleans devastated by Katrina and create beautiful, sustainable livable homes and cities. […]