FASHION | Mod Green Pod Gets Sneaky



The designer-owners of Mod Green Pod have made the leap from home decor to fashion. Owner Nancy Mims posted these beauties on her Facebook page recently: a sassy set of VANs Shoes made with Mod Green Pod’s 100% certified organic cotton prints.

According to Nancy, Vans came a-calling after seeing Mod Green Pod’s modernized Baroque prints in a random magazine clip somewhere:

They just spotted us in a mag or online when searching for organic cotton, which they knew they wanted to source for the collection. We made sure that our contract included sample shoes in our sizes (yes, those are my fuchsia legs!)

You’ll find these sneaks as part of the VANs Vault Line this spring.

Mod Green Pod founders Nancy and Lisa Mims have been designing and offering certified organic cotton textiles for home since 2005. Their collection is home-grown in the U.S.:  the cotton is grown, woven and printed here. Only the non-toxic, pesticide-free dyes hail from abroad (Germany to be exact, where they are held to Global Organic Textile Standard aka GOTS).  In 2006 they added a vinyl-free, PVC-free wallpaper line (see our previous post).

Congratulations Nancy!


3 Responses to “FASHION | Mod Green Pod Gets Sneaky

  1. love them!! I adore my vans organic vans it’s just perfect!!

  2. that’s great! I’m looking to get a pair myself this month. I think the designs should be out now.

  3. 3 Ariela

    Cuuute! I’m glad more main stream companies are using sustainable materials and I’m loving seeing all these eco friendly shoe posts on a lot of the blogs I read, like GirlieGirl Army just did a post on some sexay vegan shoes. I’m a bit shoe obsessed.

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