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Some of the best high style, low budget decorating ideas come from design students whose apartments serve as blank canvasses for expressing their creative ideas. The New York Times Home & Garden editors recently visited the interior worlds of several future design stars and uncovered 19 ideas worth a steal. Many projects feature quickfire re-design ideas that will inspire your inner weekend warrior.


A constellation of styrofoam veggie trays make a personal, modernist statement. Mounted with push pins, you can create your own art in minutes. Read the New York Times article on the design by Pratt Institute student-design Michelle Nicholls


An Ikea hack by illustration student Young Nam Heller reminds us of the newspaper wallpaper idea we shared a few months back. Here Ikea Lack shelves are covered with used Japanese comics and lacquered with Minwax (we recommend using a non-toxic, greener alternative offered by OSMO or AFM Safecoat). Or forego the lacquer altogether.


Idea No. 11 | Castoff dresser drawers (found lying on an obliging Manhattan sidewalk) are primed, painted and transformed into wall-mounted, floating shelves and planter. Clever design by Cooper Union architecture student Kayt Brumder.

For more chic-n-cheap makeover ideas see the complete New York Times slideshow.

Photos by Phil Mansfield, New York Times

3 Responses to “DESIGN.DECOR | Student Style That’s Worth Stealing

  1. I love the styrofoam veggie tray wall art, mod and green!

  2. What a good idea, and post thanks for the tips!

  1. 1 Lack Money, Get No Sleep, & Impress Everyone With Your Designs

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