FURNITURE | Proof that the Japanese Can Design Anything


In America, we turn trash into treasure. In Japan, they recycle by design. Case in point: Doug Aamoth’s post about this dining table made from a washing machine drum. He stumbled upon it and the coordinating chairs during a tour oversees at a Japanese recycling plant devoted to handling home appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and TVs. The plant not only recycles, it apparently likes to design too.

The chairs are made of a really, really dense plastic derived from some of the bits of scrap from the various machines. It looks and feels like wood, though, and apparently there are picnic tables, chairs, and benches in nearby parks that Panasonic has supplied with this type of furniture.

Mythbuster fans will probably get a kick out of Doug’s video tour of the Panasonic recycling plant where you get to watch things get crushed, pulverized and blown up — all in a fabulously green day’s work.

Spotted at Curbly


2 Responses to “FURNITURE | Proof that the Japanese Can Design Anything

  1. now that is just amazing….

  2. That is a really nice looking piece of furniture. The only problem is that the table looks too small, but its perfect if your just relaxing and smoking, not eating and snacking!

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