NEWS | Fab Green Nominated for Top 10 Influential Design Bloggers Award


How exciting to be selected among this year’s contenders for Top 10 Most Influential Design Bloggers Award! Especially given that Fabulously Green was one of a handful of blogs chosen that exclusively covers green design. Thanks to Home Renovation and Wallpaper* Magazine for the nod!

Voting is taking place right now through October 15th. If you love Fabulously Green, please vote for us!

HOW TO VOTE (some people say it’s been tough to figure out)

  • Go to the Home Renovation nomination page. Scroll down to the third paragraph and click the link to be sent to the voting site.
  • Register your name and e-mail.
  • Type in the names of your favorite blogs (like Fabulously Green). The full list is in the post you linked to at the bottom. You can choose up to five.

You’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free one-year subscription to Wallpaper* Magazine. How cool is that?

Since 2006 I’ve been blogging about my dual obsessions for great design and the planet. It’s been a labor of love that has sometimes been tough to sustain amidst a packed work schedule. Over the last two years, I’ve met an incredible group of fellow designers, eco boutique owners and companies who are pioneers in the modern green design movement. Thanks to all of them for delivering style that serves the planet, and to you, Fabulously Green fans for reading and shopping green. Keep coming back!


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