FASHION | Project Runway’s Saturn Challenge


When faced with constraints, a designer sometimes becomes more creative. This is definitely true for me, and I suspect true for a few of the Season Five designers on Project Runway. In last week’s episode Fashion that Drives You, designers were challenged to fashion an outfit from car parts — a Saturn VUE Hybrid to be exact. Maybe too many designers reached straight for the seatbelts, but some really took fashion from driveable to wearable. Check it out…

Korto wowed the likes of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and guest judge Rachel Zoe with her woven coat-dress made from recycled glimmery seatbelts. Rachel Zoe was jonesing to take it out for a personal test drive.

Leanne’s surprising silhouette owes some credit to the stretchy charcoal seat covers she refashioned. She fringed the seatbelt detail to give some softness to the bustier, giving this dress a princess-gone-punk look. Va-va-voom!

NASCAR has found its spokemodel thanks to Terri’s tank and pants ensemble. She makes a lot of pants, but these fit her like a glove. She dabbled with four recycled materials: seat covers, carpets, cushions and cargo netting. Yes, she’s getting close to being called a “one-note” but the look wins for being racy hot.

Now here’s a look. Bravo to Jerrell for daring to use dashboard trims and resin moldings to make a futuristically fabulous bodice. I disagree with the judges on the fit, but the concept rocks!


Designer Peter Danko turns cast-off seatbelts into sleek settees and armchairs.


One Response to “FASHION | Project Runway’s Saturn Challenge

  1. brilliant – very creative ideas and they look great!

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