ART | If Warhol Had Recycled, His Icons Might Have Become Superheroes

All American Blonde, Schimmel Art

All American Blonde, Schimmel Art

Fans of the late pop artist Andy Warhol take note: Sandy Schimmel’s portraits of the rich and famous can lay claim to one thing Warhol’s canvases can’t. They’ve got a bit of superhero in them: having rescued postcards from the edge, and homeless, post-season Christmas cards from the depths of disposal. Trash to treasure never looked so bold, emotional, raw, and mosaics never looked so modern.

Schimmel’s masterpieces call upon junk mail, other discarded ephemera to create something eye-catching and tactile. A self-proclaimed “art room brat,” she traveled to Turkey to master the art of mosaics. She was looking for a way to create the look of stained glass and after experimentation perfected her signature method. Check out this video interview with Schimmel to learn more.


First she paints a portrait. Jimi Hendrix. John Lennon. Twiggy. Even you (for a custom fee).

Next, she dives into what I imagine to be Olympic-sized collection of paper ephemera to create her palette of colors and textures. Schimmel hand cuts each piece, applies them to a painting, and well, you can appreciate the rest.

I discovered Schimmel’s appropriately enough, through my mailbox. She mailed me a postcard from her Phoenix studio and I was drawn immediately into her world. You can view the full collection and learn about gifting a custom artpiece at Schimmel’s website.


Sandy Schimmel is on exhibit across the U.S. See the events calendar for more information.


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2 Responses to “ART | If Warhol Had Recycled, His Icons Might Have Become Superheroes

  1. these look fabulous, great recycling too

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