LIFE.STYLED | For Spring Showers



Happy Spring! Even in balmy Los Angeles we must deal with a light shower now and then (just last night in fact). And while no one really talks about umbrellas and the landfill let’s face it — we’ve all thrown away our share of cheap, black umbrellas in our lifetimes (present company included).

How the folks over at Brelli pondered the idea of designing a sleek, earth-friendly umbrella remains an interesting mystery but the results are fabulous. Launched just in time this Spring, the Brelli is a beautifully sheer little number that shelters you while protecting the planet from further waste. Sturdy and sustainable thanks to a bamboo frame that will withstand the gustiest of winds, and a material that is 100% biodegradable.

The Brelli is sold in limited distribution through Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Jussera Lee in New York. However, you can order one via the Brelli website. Available in two sizes, the Brelli is priced between $28 and $38USD.

Via Inhabitat via Ecofabulous


3 Responses to “LIFE.STYLED | For Spring Showers

  1. This year seems to be prime time for green umbrellas! Did you see these ones from Totes (Chartreuse Chic turned me onto them, and they’re so cute!)? :

    I love having all of these options!

  2. 2 Krit

    I love the idea! I have thrown away too many umbrellas in the last few years. It’s trendy but will it hold up against the hard winds and rain? I’ll have to look into the ones from Totes. Thanks!

  3. Nice! Not only does it shelter you from rain, but it let’s the sunlight in too! Why do we have to block out the sun because of a little bit of rain? Nice job!

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