DIY DESIGN | Fast Facelift for a Dresser


Shabby chic less the shabby. This weekend project works great on cast-off dressers, sideboards, desks, and tabletops. If you don’t already have a piece in your own pad to experiment with, try hunting down a gem on Craigslist, a local flea market, Goodwill or garage sale.

A Green Twist
Finish it off with a hip, healthier paint option like Yolo’s Sprout Collection (for modern, spring-inspired colors), Benjamin Moore’s Aura, or Fine Paints of Europe (for rich, historically-derived colors). Other companies like Pantone have started offering non-VOC or low-VOC paints and primers as well so it’s much easier to go high style and fume free. The few extra dollars per gallon is worth it for the health and environmental benefits.

Video Podcast Instructions

Prefer written instructions? Check out the complete post by Chris Gardner on Curbly.

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2 Responses to “DIY DESIGN | Fast Facelift for a Dresser

  1. Way cute!
    I absolutely love this look.

  2. 2 Carol

    Hello there, i was just searching for new ideas for the new tables im doing, and i found your video and i cannot believe my eyes!!! i just, one month ago, recycleed a drawer table with the SAME idea, i leavo you this link so you can watch it yourself. Congrats, and greetings from ARGENTINA!

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