FASHION | Form & Fauna’s Racy Shoes



For three years, I’ve patiently hunted for a pair of sexy, sustainable knee-high boots and it’s worth the wait. Form & Fauna‘s sporty, sexy look speaks to my inner-tomboy. Sleek racing stripes are a signature in this freshman collection of flats, boots and pumps. Even though they hail from the Fall 2007 collection — they are perfectly wearable for spring. Skinny Bitches and compassionate fashionistas take note: Form & Fauna just may become the “It” label to wear.

Fabulousness Kicked Up a Notch

Inside and out they’re made sans leather, opting instead for high quality Italian-made synthetics. Heels are crafted from bamboo or renewable plywood, while the insoles and cushions are crafted from recycled yoga mats (can you say Ohm?).

Bay Bertea, the designer behind the Form & Fauna label, found the inspiration for her collection from her days as a yoga instructor. Imagine how comfy it must feel to step out (and onto) a yoga mat every day.

Form & Fauna shoes are good for your health. Fume-free with the help of biodegradable materials, and non-toxic, water-based glues and dyes. They’re made in the good, old, USA (how many things can you say that about these days).

Good karma and style? A great way to kick your fabulousness up a notch.

Check out the Form & Fauna website for stockists and stay tuned to Fabulously Green for sneak peeks into the Spring ’08 Collection.


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