DESIGN.DECOR | Another Hot One from Tord Boontje



Tord Boontje has designed another elegant and modern light fixture. The 2nd Shadow table lamp is created out of a duet of ideas Boontje’s played with before: delicate, cascades of florals (think Garland Light), with translucent glowing sheets of mylar (think Icarus). The result is pure magic: a light that when on reflects enchanted shadows around a room, like something out of Shakepeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Made Extra Fabulous
Tord Boontje’s palette of materials typically involve lightweight metals and mylar – both of which are recyclable. But seriously, something this beautiful I’d keep around forever, wouldn’t you?

Check out the Studio Tord Boontje website to learn more about this amazing Dutch designer. The 2nd Shadow light can be purchased online at generate, and the MoMa store.


One Response to “DESIGN.DECOR | Another Hot One from Tord Boontje

  1. oh my! i hadn’t seen this one. i have several tord lamps and now it looks like i must have another. . . . thanks for posting!!!

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