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Looking for a quick style fix this weekend? Give any chair a fresh faced look by sewing a simple cushion. Sure you could upholster them in any fabric, but a rescued, vintage print injects an extra je ne sais quoi. Take this pair of cushions for example by Kim of Desire to Inspire:

[I] found two scarves at a cheesy store – they were $7.50 each. Not so sure about the left one, but I love the pattern on the right one. It’s ok that they don’t really match each other because they’re going on opposite sides of the bed.

Where to Score Fabrics

  • Your local Goodwill or thrift shop: a surprising treasure trove of fabrics for the sewing novice (like me). Keep your eye out for dresses, skirts, scarves in bold prints or sophisticated colors.
  • Local vintage fabric sources: check your city’s “Best of” Magazine for names. Like Best of Philly winner Pamela Simon Vintage Fabrics. Tip: Show the store a photo of a desired look and let the shop find you a similar alternative.
  • Revival Fabrics: Hollywood costume designers hit up Revival for its large inventory of mint condition fabrics from the 20s to 50s. They sell online and stock many indie designers as well.
  • ebay: The online “it” source for that hard-to-find Marimekko print and other collectibles.

How Make the Stuffing

  • Rescue those oh-so-old pillows, sofa cushions, comforters. They make perfect cushion stuffers — and they’re free.

Sewing It Up offers some basic tips to pillow making. Or take it to an upholsterer. For modern, high style patterns and tips give these books a try: Simple Sewing with a French Twist and Amy Butler’s In Stitches.


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