DESIGN | Falling for A Hot Rocker



The rocking chair is one piece of furniture with a bad rap. Instead of being seen as dynamic and fun, it harkens associations of aging, stodginess, a bygone era that was soooo last century. Enter the Gotham Rocker.

I’m in love. Just look at it. It’s gorgeous and sculpturally interesting from all sides.


Designed by J. Persing Company (formerly Danko Persing), the Gotham Chair is actually made from surplus automotive seat belts, dyed with non-toxic water-based inks. Its lightweight form is intentional: great design with minimal material. It’s available in a wide selection of belt colors and wood stains. It makes a greener design alternative to fans of the iconic Risom Chair, and it’s more fun.

Interested in a little rocking chair trivia? Here’s what wikipedia says:

According to an american legend, the rocking chair was purportedly invented by Ben Franklin by simply taking a standard chair and adding rockers to it. Cabinetmakers began producing rocking chairs in the early nineteenth century, and many examples from that era still survive today. Their popularity has only increased, and antique rockers of many varieties are highly collectible today.

The Gotham Rocker retails around $1000 and was spotted at Vivavi.


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