Haute Hack | Design Your Own Bistro Table



It’s almost Spring. Time for a change. Here’s a great idea for turning a blah bistro table into a bold, designer statement. This IKEA bistro table was once a blonde, but now it’s gone red. The pattern was inspired by a Louis L’Amour book. Spotted this gem of a design redux over at Ikea Hacker, one of my favorite DIY resources for interiors.

Make It Fabulous: A Healthy Glow

  • This idea works with just about any recovered table. Check out Craigslist, or your local flea market for bargain pieces.
  • Try non-toxic, low VOC paints to give your table a healthier glow. Free your home and the planet from unnecessary chemicals. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Aura Collection for Exteriors, or Yolo for even friendlier zero-VOC options.
  • Contemplating a graphic pattern? Your paint shop probably sells sample pots. Ask your paint shop to see all their low VOC options.

One Response to “Haute Hack | Design Your Own Bistro Table

  1. brilliant idea, I have a coffee table that really could do with brightening up, thanks for the inspiration!

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