To Barney’s New York: What the F#*!?



Sorry Barney’s, tricks are for kids. You earned my fashion rant today for using online greenwashing to tug at the social conscience of readers, and pull them into the Barney’s e-boutique. Click on its hard-to-miss “Give Good Green” banner and you’ll be sent to its Womens shop with nere a green item (nor mention of green) in sight. Greenwashing is sooo gauche.

Reversal of Fortune

After their public partnering with organic denim designer Loomstate to launch an exclusive, organic line of clothing Loomstate for Barney’s Green why does Barney’s now take two steps back? Sure projections for THE season of retail gift giving looks worrisome, but must Barney’s resort to Grinch-like tactics of deception.

I drove by a Barney’s billboard on Santa Monica Blvd. expressing the same green giftgiving sentiment. Style with no substance. Yabba dabba BOO.

Santa, Barney’s has been naughty this year. When making your list, please check it twice.


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