Taking Green to the Edge: Nicole Bridger



You’d expect a designer who once interned for Vivienne Westwood to veer towards the edgier side of fashion. Vancouver-based designer Nicole Bridger certainly does. But she’s striving to push fashion even further.

Described by TheITLists as “edgy eco,” Nicole Bridger’s line has made a splash at B.C.’s Fashion Week. Her design philosophy is simple and karmic:

“Our philosophy is to do what’s right. We create designer clothing and the socially conscious thing is just how we think everyone should be living his or her lives. We use sustainable fabrics and strive to have a positive relationship with everyone who works to create our clothing. You can trust that we are doing whatever we can to make our garments and company as eco as we can, and are always looking for ways to do it better next season.”


Launching your own fashion label is challenging enough. Making it fabulously green AND fresh enough for Paris, New York (or Vancouver) is even tougher. Fortunately for Bridger, she’s done it before: co-creating the urban, organic brand oqoqo with lululemon’s founder Chip Wilson.


The Nicole Bridger line is currently available in a handful of boutiques in Canada, New York and Portland. Visit her website for a list of stores.


2 Responses to “Taking Green to the Edge: Nicole Bridger”

  1. It’s great to see someone combining high fashion with green! I’m a second hand girl myself but I am so often disappointed even now by how many green clothing options are either overly hippy or frumpy.

  2. 2 $$$

    i really love the line…but they are extremely expensive..i always wonder…is it really worth it to buy something green when you can get 5 shirts cheaper or donate some money to make the world greener!

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