Holiday Style File | Modern Green Christmas p.1


My family is coming out to me this Christmas so I’ve started thinking about how to deck out the apartment — in a fabulously green way of course! So I’ve been on the hunt for decorations that serve double duty for the festive season and beyond (restyle is the Fab Green motto). Will post them as we find them — if you’ve got a few fab green ideas to share, bring them on!



These ornaments are perfect for the winter holidays or year round, depending on how you play with them. You can hang them on your tree, over a doorway or mantle for a modern, Christmasy effect. In the new year why not let these flocks take flight as a focal point in a room? Suspend them like a chandelier or an art installation. These are made in Germany from certified eco-friendly and biodegrable wool. Spotted at Branch Home, $18/pair in red and white, or light and dark green.



Felted rugs have been the rage all year, and Interface FLOR, one of our favored sustainable carpet companies, offers its own version for the holidays. Party Dress is a fancy cut rug made from the popular Fedora line of tiles. Or for the design-minded who are handy with a carpet knife, you could customize your own border. This modular, cuttable beauties boast eight contemporary colorways and are made from 80% post-consumer fibers. Oh the possibilities!



One Response to “Holiday Style File | Modern Green Christmas p.1”

  1. Here’s a Clearly Fabulous Way to have a Green Christmas Tree:

    100% recyclable, reusable Modern Minimal Lucite Acrylic Christmas Tree.

    Made by Artist Aaron R Thomas, by hand, in the USA (Orange County, CA)

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