Hot Site: Chartreuse Chic for fashion “flips”


Bravo to Chartreuse Chic for doing what Fab Green has only dreamed about: showing style-conscious gals how to flip runway looks into chic “green” confections. Some of her flips are quite ingenious like the inspired, alternatives to Zac Posen, Prouenza Schouler, and Vera Wang seen below. There’s even an occasional style for the straight guy with a queer eye.


1. Instead of Vera Wang >> Why not this?


What makes it fabulous: the Kimber Dress by Perfectly Imperfect is fabricated (according to the designer’s website) from organic cotton, applies low impact manufacturing techniques and makes their apparel locally in Los Angeles. I may just give them a ring to verify this week and find out more. Will report back!

2. Instead of Prouenza Schouler >> Why not this?


What makes it fabulous: this Skyline Sweater, like other pieces by Armour Sans Anguish is a one-of-a-kind garment designed from recycled knits, fabrics and notions, and handmade locally by the designers themselves.

3. Instead of Zac Posen >> Why not this?


What Makes it Fabulous: A more frothy, layered piece from Armour Sans Anguish.made from refashioned fabrics and trims.

One thought: We wish Chartreuse Chic would offer explanation as to what makes these conversions green or ethical. Not all designers featured are green for the same reasons, and some flips fall more into ethical or indie fashion. Overall, we love the site. For more flips like these visit Chartreuse Chic.


4 Responses to “Hot Site: Chartreuse Chic for fashion “flips””

  1. 1 Sol

    What an amazing way to be part of the cycle. I love your ideas and your sensitivity to what feel and looks great. Do you know of any other options? My budget is expanding, yet I need more style now. Any ideas?

  2. Thanks the super awesome write-up and the suggestion on being more specific about the “green” of what I’m suggesting. And you totally ferreted out my soft spot for indy designers — I think of them as the fashion version of locally grown produce!

  3. 3 fabulouslygreen

    Chartreuse Girl,
    You’re welcome! I too have a soft spot for indie designers and encourage support for them. They’re the real mavericks of the creative world and bring in fresh ideas. They at least tend to be locally made by the designers like you say, which often means they’re sweatshop-free. That some of them even go further to adopt eco-friendly practices is pretty amazing at their scale of manufacture. Thanks for writing!

  4. 4 fabulouslygreen

    I’m in the process of putting together an online guide to fabulously green style. But what in particular do you mean by need more style? Do you mean brands? Names of boutiques?

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