Ask Fab Green: Vegan Clothing


Hi Fab Green,

I found the “Fabulously Green” blog through a search at Google. It was a search result for vegan clothing, so it showed me all postings with the “tabs” vegan. I wanted to ask how sure you are that all these products are really vegan? Do you contact the manufacturers? I like your blog and it seems to be helpful. Thank you for answering my question.

xxx, Jasmin

Dear Jasmin,

Great question. Especially considering how profitable it can be for non-green companies to engage in greenwashing. We check our sources two ways: 1) Contact the company by e-mail or phone with questions regarding how they are assured that something is fair trade, organic, etc. We rely on certifications by recognized national or international organizations–or we won’t make those claims. 2) We read company information on the website and pass on claims that a company puts in writing.
How do we check specifically for vegan-quality items? 1) if the company states it uses vegetal-based dyes; 2) if the company states their products are made from faux leather or suede, or if their products are made from plant-based materials like cottons, bamboo, rubber etc.

The best confirmation would be to visit a manufacturing facility in person which isn’t feasible. We do the best we can, opting to trust the written claims of companies. If anyone has information to the contrary, we always welcome the corrections.


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