Unplug, Recharge | Solar Juice Bags


Thanks to Fab Green reader Carly for turning us on to these sporty, sun-powered bags and portable chargers by Reware. The Juice Bag (shown above) gets is “juice” from the sun, thanks to thin, flexible solar panels stitched to the bag’s exterior. Perfect for charging up mp3 players, cell phones, PDA’s and digital cameras while you’re on the go. How cool.

Geek Chic: According to the website, the fabric behind the ES Series Juice Bags is made from recycled 2-liter soda bottles then stitched to meet military standards for virtual indestructibility. Juice Bags are available in either a backpack or a day pack, either can hold your laptop, but not charge it up. Yet. It’s in the works. Prices run from $229USD and up.

The Pocket Charger is a folding charger for your gadgets that can fit in your glove box, or bag. Lie back, enjoy the sun, and listen to the music.

See the full line of Reware products on their website. For other sun-squeezing alternatives check out the Solar Backpack by Voltaic Systems.

Thanks again Carly for the fab find!


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