Scent Test: aroma pill by method


Let me be honest: I wanted to love this purple pill. I wanted it to deliver the aromatherapy I sorely needed and that was promised to me by the company. In truth, the new aroma pill by method falls very short of my expectations. Although a delight on the eyes, it’s been an assault on my nose.

Many of you know out there know of my personal love for method cleaning products, which sit proudly on the countertops in my kitchen and baths. I fell hard for their “good looks-meets-good cleaning” approach. So what went wrong this time?

Design: visually flawless (Karim Rashid impresses again). Who thought an air freshener could look sophisticated, elegant, and fun-loving? Bravo.

Green Factor: Biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and a “no animal testing” policy have made method a favorite company of mine.

Function: a promising idea that failed to deliver. You plug it into an outlet and miraculously, the fragrance wafts into the air. It plugged in easily, sorely needed fragrance control. After an hour in the socket my nose was overwhelmed. I plugged it in a second time hoping for different results. The aroma had enough of a “deodorant” smell to be grating. Out it came.

Price: an eye popping $10. Steep for air fresheners, but since method did promise aromatherapy it seemed worth the price. I’m hopeful that perhaps the Eucalyptus + Mint refill might prove me wrong.

Anyone else tried these? If there’s one you recommend I’d love to make the switch.


4 Responses to “Scent Test: aroma pill by method”

  1. 1 A Designer's Eye

    Very cute!

  2. 2 Tracy

    I can’t help thinking that having to use electricity to get some fragrance into your home is very, very wasteful. Save energy and try an oil burner, or an aromatherapy oil/water mix in a pump-action spray bottle.

  3. 3 Steph Z.

    Good point Tracy. I can’t figure out what the need is for electricity. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. 4 S.

    I found the FRESH CUT GRASS scent at Big Lots, for only $4… I can see why it was discontinued (if that is the case that it was at Big Lots). It was too strong and overpowering…. however i will say I do like the Sweet Water scent that I had bought at Target for, well too much.

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