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Here’s a pretty resourceful design idea I spotted on Curbly: how to turn your collection of business cards into wall art. It’s an especially great project if like me, you’re in a design-related field and have collected bunches of stand-up-and-be-noticed cards. Or if you’ve abandoned your rolodex for a PDA.

* Sort cards by color, texture or theme. Look at them as a whole to see what kind of large scape print you can create with them.

* Turn them around. Some cards may have more designer appeal upside down, sideways, or on their backsides–begging to break out of the “same old, same old” mold.

* Cut, crop, or shred. Some cards exude more character when they’re cropped in dynamic ways. Think circles, lines, squares. Bring out your inner David Hockney.

* Consider designing a series of small pieces rather than one large piece.

* Mix the media. Admit it: you’ve been dying to do something with that new cover sheets on those pesky TPS reports. Ah, yeah.

* Layer it. Marker work on top could be fun–especially if you have a large number of white cards. Glue a few together to create some depth and pop.

* Get wordy. Arrange them into your favorite quote or word.

We’d love to see your designs or post your favorite office DIY project here. We won’t tell your boss. Really.


7 Responses to “DIY Style File | Office Wall Art

  1. 1 ** Terramia **

    What a cool idea!

  2. 2 jason rysavy

    thanks for posting!

  3. 3 Fabulously Green

    You’re welcome! Love your wall of fame and glad you wrote in!

  4. 4 Rosemarie Burkhart

    I have some blueprints and would like to make wallpaper out of it do you know were I can go.

    Thank you
    Rosemarie Burkhart

    • Hi Rosemarie,
      Blueprints sound like a great concept for wallpaper! I would visit a wallpaper supplier and ask for recommended installers in your area. Bring in a sample so that the supplier gets an idea of the kind of paper you’re working with. They may have recommended adhesives too if you want to DIY. Let us know how it goes and be sure to send us photos of the final project!

      Good luck!

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