Off for Easter Weekend


Fab Friday got lost in the shuffle of a frantic work week and pending move into my apartment. Lots off books, magazines, electronics, and clothing to donate, sell, or recycle. Thanks to the following folks for making it all easier on me:

CraigsList – Online emporium meets local shopping. They make it so easy to buy and sell second-hand furnishings without the need for shipping. Hoping to sell my surplus computers, TVs, books and CD’s; hoping to find a promising rug, lounge chair, or console.

Freecycle – Love their premise: change the world one gift at a time. It’s an online community you can join in your area to post donations and people who need or want what you have will contact you. I’ve given away Yoga videos, books, magazine subscriptions. You can find a freecycle community in your part of the world here.

Dress for SuccessAll my beautiful, former corporate world suits will be donated here. Since 1997, Dress for Success has served almost 300,000 underserved women around the world by providing professional clothing and coaching for job interviews.

Crossroads Trading Company, and Wasteland – great destinations to buy, sell, trade vintage clothing and shoes.

See you all on Tuesday! Until then, have a happy and healthy holiday weekend!


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