Passenger Pigeon | Spring 2007 Collection


Spring has arrived at Passenger Pigeon and I’m all a-flutter for their line of screen printed bamboo voile dresses, lyocell wrap dresses and soy-blend tunics. All designed, sewn and printed in Canada, sans sweatshop labor. Modern, artsy, truly fabulous fashion.

Lori Dress, available in salmon pink or black+white
Made either with hemp/silk/organic cotton blend (pink) or bamboo voile (b+w)
Both lined with 100% silk

Yvonne Dress, 100% bamboo voile and lined with 100% silk

Norah Reversible Wrap Dress, 100% lyocell on the outside, interior made with lyocell/polyester blend

Elise Dress, made with soy/cotton/spandex and lyocell/polyester knit sash made with hemp/tencel/silk blend

Kylie Tunic, a truly versatile top. Available in green or black
Made with a soy/cotton/spandex knit

Retails in Canada and the U.S. and online at various retailers.

Clickworthy read: Designer Heather Schibli’s Q+A with Blogto


One Response to “Passenger Pigeon | Spring 2007 Collection”

  1. 1 syansen

    I agree that their Spring collection is beautiful. While bamboo and lyocell may not be perfectly green fabrics, the fact that passengerpigeon is also going sweatshop free is a big step in the right direction. Cheers, Shana from

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