Arre: Stretching the Boundaries of Fashion


I am enthralled by these gossamer pieces of jewelry designed by Arre. Crafted from of all things–rubber bands. Whoever would have imagined that rubber bands could appear so delicate?

Arre’s debut Collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings is based on the concept of notions stores, and the transformation of everyday objects into fun, wearable works of art. Rubber is considered a renewable resource, since it is a sap that is extracted from living trees. Available in five colors.

Arre is a Mexico City-based design workshop founded by long time friends Erendira Garnica and Regina Santos-Coy. Their pieces are surprisingly affordable (between $35-$65) and are available at various e-boutiques like stars+infinite darkness.


One Response to “Arre: Stretching the Boundaries of Fashion”

  1. 1 reja

    Hi there! I’m Regina from Arre. Thanks for your blog and your cool words. You can contact us in our myspace:

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