Wall Art for Modern Kids


Decorative wall decals are an simple way to personalize and dramatically change the look and feel of any room. They’re ideal for artistic little tykes, who can mix and match to their hearts’ content.

These stainless-steel Wall Puddles by Toord Boontje bring a little bling to any wall. Three designs in all: Bird (7” x 10”), iris or daisy (11 1/2” x 10”). Their self-stick backing makes for goof-proof installation. Available for $30 each at romp.

Designed by Dutch designer Inke Heiland, each animal silhouette is hand-cut from vintage wallpaper and available in 3 different prints per animal. Available exclusively through romp in the U.S., or through the designer’s website in the Netherlands.

Other eco-friendly appliques worth considering are the removable or magnetic styles we featured here and here.


One Response to “Wall Art for Modern Kids”

  1. 1 Patty Ramos

    A great gift for the little babies of my friends.
    Patty Ramos
    Luxury Vox – http://www.luxuryvox.com

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