The Posh Side of Paint Chips


Some kids collected baseball cards or stamps. I collected paint chips. Really. The aspiring little designer in me fell in love with these bands of gorgeous color and their delicious names (though I always wondered who gets the honor of naming all 500+ colors of yellow? Anyone of you know?). I hoarded them for crafts, bookmarks, and handmade greeting cards. Apparently, so do many other creative people.

Designer Lisa Solomon transforms behr paint chips into diminutive works of art. Each card is embellished with an embroidered illustration from nature. So delicate! They are sold as framed pieces for $400 each at The Beholder. A rather steep price tag even for these pretty pieces. If you are handy with a Singer, you could always design-your-own.

These machine-sewn note cards by P1 Design resemble the bold, beautiful cards sewn by Unique Artistry. Geometric, and minimalist in style, these cards are sewn onto eco-friendly, recyclable Kraft paper.

A fabulous DIY idea: designverb shares a step-by-step way to turn your stack of chips into chic cases for your business cards.

If you’re more inventive you can reinterpret the idea. This tweaked design by craftlog resulted from the fact that her paint chips were a different size. Call it serendipity.


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