Handbags for Sexy Tough Girls


Turning recycled truck tarpaulins into stylish handbags? Seems inconceivable–until you check out some of the styles designed by Brazilian based Yellow Port. Durable cloths that once graced the floors of 18-wheelers are molded into an array of accessories: men and women’s shoes, clothing and accessories. Many of the products are heavy on function but light on style (the clothing line for example, harkens back to Banana Republic’s safari style days). There are however, some standouts:
Sharelle bag, made of recycled Tarpalin, Leather & Metal is surprisingly feminine.
The Annabelle hobo bag offers a classic and casual look. Sophisticated street style.

Myste, a clutch style tote, is perfect for tough girls with a soft side.

Yellow Port also supports several philanthropic groups in Brazil including the Ecological Aware Project, and groups supporting rural communities.

Where to find Yellow Port:
Australia, Brazil2You
Canada, Ejust
Hungary, Betty Shoes
Sweden, BrasilDesign


One Response to “Handbags for Sexy Tough Girls”

  1. 1 Jessica

    I love that top and how long the handle is. Sometimes you just can’t find a good handle and they always seem too short.

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