N.E.E.T. Magazine Hearts Fab Green


It’s always nice to be loved. Thanks N.E.E.T. Magazine for giving Fabulously Green a shout out in their March issue:

“These days looking good doesn’t have to get in the way of doing good as Fabulously Green proves. This eco-friendly blog effortlessly rounds up style finds from vegan to vintage for those who believe the Devil wears Prada.” — Kirsteen Connor, N.E.E.T.

This month’s issue features some great vintage finds such as: a 1940’s Yellow Bakelite pin, an Adjustable Felt Necklace, and a vintage garden inspired tanktop:

N.E.E.T. Magazine is the brainchild of Stephanie J, who is based in the UK. Everything in the magazine is handpicked, designed and organised by her, the editor. We love that it showcases a global network of indie designers and vintage finds and is sprinkled throughout with illustrations by emerging artists. It’s also a non-profit venture run purely on passion for grassroots style creativity. Bravo Stephanie!


2 Responses to “N.E.E.T. Magazine Hearts Fab Green”

  1. 1 Mallory

    Congrats on the N.E.E.T. mention! Too cool!ht

  2. 2 Steph Z.

    thanks mallory!

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