twenty gauge | vintage steel furniture


If you appreciate the raw, clean lines of industrial style furnishings but wish they didn’t feel so “cold,” then these restyled vintage steel pieces by twenty gauge might just be the thing. A Los Angeles favorite for 12 years, twenty gauge rescues industrial storage and furniture and transforms into clean, classic, funky and functional pieces.

Architectural File Coffee Table How ingenious is this? Slide your favorite fabric, print, map, paper, artwork, ephemera, virtually anything underneath the glass top to create multiple looks.

Basket Locker 4-Wide Console
in Light Blue
Amazing what a facelift a coat of color can do. They will paint them in any arrangement of colors you choose.
Basket Locker 3-Wide in Pretty in Pink
Basket Locker 2-Wide on Casters, Multicolored
Perfect for office.
Sadly, powder-coated paints aren’t necessarily non-toxic and green, but you are rescuing classic furniture from the landfill. You might try asking them if they could use a low-VOC paint or if you’re crafty, how about experimenting with decoupage, or paint it yourself!

One Response to “twenty gauge | vintage steel furniture”

  1. 1 Michele

    The Architectural File Coffee Table is amazing.. just awesome! Good find!

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