FASHION WEEK | Noir Fall 2007


Noir’s founding designer Peter Ingwersen describes its Fall 2007 Ready to Wear Collection as “a tension between something that is bohemian, and freethinking, with very, very strict lines around it, symbolized in the tailoring. It’s a tribute to the 1930’s in Berlin, … with an emphasis on the waist.”

The collection features some of its signature black ensembles but with softer, more feminine details than in previous seasons. The collection is punctuated with lighter pastel pinks and blues which is a fresh, subtle counterpoint to the moodier noir pieces. Noir’s luxury cashmeres, silks and organically luxe cottons (manufactured on its own organic farm in Uganda) take on beautiful movement when worn, as you can be see in Noir’s runway video, compliments of

Overall, I’d say that many of the designs show more harmony than tension of elements–which may be less conceptual, but more wearable for the typical woman.


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