Domino Takes a Fab Green Turn


One of my favorite style magazines Domino has gone fabulously green! Their March issue, out on newsstands today, showcases many green goodies to love in the world of design on their “green list”: furniture, accent pillows, fabrics, flooring, rugs, wallpaper, and toxic-free, color-rich paints. It is generously packed with things and ideas you need to go green and gorgeous.

Lifestyle goodies worth checking out include recommendations for an A-List organic vodka, fair trade coffee, pamper products for hair, skin and body, adventurous green retreats, and interviews and tips from such as model-turned actress Shalom Harlow, and Treehugger founder Graham Hill (who partnered with domino to unveil this eco-rich issue).

Domino also gives a thoughtful nod to cute-and-conscious fashion with a two-page spread of outfits dressed In Style style. The outfits in my humble opinion, could have been more edgy and exciting, it leans heavily on the current Victorian revival trend (three ruffled outfits?), but the designers they’ve showcased like Anna Cohen, Loomstate, Ciel, Noir, Agricult, and others are pretty spot on.

If there’s one misstep, it’s in that thorny area of advertising: tobacco. Granted, it’s a brand that’s natural and unprocessed, but does it belong in the eco world? Feel free to sound off.

All in all, if you’re looking to update your space with style and sustainability, run don’t walk to your nearest newsstand.


One Response to “Domino Takes a Fab Green Turn”

  1. 1 sus

    I was so thrilled when I saw this on the newsstands that I had to grab one! Oh, Domino, you have won over my heart many-a-time!

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