Fashion Watch: Tonic T-Shirts


American Apparel may be the trendy trailblazer of sweatshop-free tees sweeping the U.S., but London-based Tonic T-Shirts takes eco-street fashion one, two, even three steps further. Tonic Tees are sweatshop-free and certified organic, not to mention it offers a line of irreverent, eyecatching graphic prints in addition to colorful unprinted blanks:

Tonic offers co-ed versions of its printed/embroidered tees and polos, but the collection for guys outshines the one for gals in my humble opinion.

Although this Nada Tee is pretty cute:

Need some validation? Tonic’s got it. Tonic T-shirts are SKAL-certified organic, bear the FAIRTRADE MARK and are locally made under International Labour Organization guidelines. Plus they donate 8% of net profits are reinvested back into the producer’s local community.

Prices range from £15-17 but there are some bargain basement deals to be had. Today is also the last day of the January sale. Tonic Tees are available through stockists across the UK, Europe, Australia and online.


2 Responses to “Fashion Watch: Tonic T-Shirts”

  1. 1 hautenature*

    My favorite is the H8:AM shirt. =)

    haute*nature: tonic clothing uk: organic style

  2. 2 Fabulously Green

    how funny. i didn’t realize what H8:AM meant until I saw your comment. 🙂

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