FASHION WEEK | London Eco-Chic Hits the Catwalk


London, New York, Paris — The official season of runway fashion has begun. Eco-chic is sure to make a fabulous splash. Even though most of us won’t be sitting under the tents doesn’t mean we have to miss the fun. Over the new few weeks Fabulously Green will cover some of fashion-for-all events that are worth catching if you want to see firsthand some of-the-moment, eco-friendly fashion.

When: Tuesday 15 February‚ 19.00-21.00
Where: Dana Centre‚ 165 Queen’s Gate‚ London SW7 5HD
How Much: Free

Lined up with London Fashion Week, Five eco-edgy designers will spotlight their latest styles on the runway. If you’re not geographically blessed to be there you will be able to catch the webcast live.

FromSomewhere – Born of an “abiding love for vintage, provincial haberdasheries, beautiful clothes and exquisite artisanship” FromSomewhere has been designing high-style womenswear since 1997. Their collections take full inspiration from the fashion industry’s discards, using reclaimed cashmere, cotton, jersey, silk, tweeds, and woven’s to create stunning pieces.

Becky Earley – A longtime trailblazer in the art of refashioned fashion, low-impact printing processes, Becky’s work in textile design and recycling has literally been changing the fabric of fashion. Let’s face it: this Becky Early pin-print top circa 1995 for Bjork makes a much more stylish statement that the swan dress she wore to the Oscars.

TRAID ReMade – Launched in 1999, TRAID’s unique link between recycling and fashion retail, raises money to fund international projects whilst helping to promote recycling and waste reduction in the UK. Sassy, edgy and truly fashion ‘conscious.’

againNYC – American designer of this “Junk to Funk” brand of clutches and bags will make a showing among Britain’s best. Crafted exclusively from vintage fabrics and finished with beautiful vintage buckles, againNYC takes the old and makes it new again.

Plan on attending? We’d love to have you field report for Fab Green! Drop us an e-mail and share your take and photos on the show.


2 Responses to “FASHION WEEK | London Eco-Chic Hits the Catwalk”

  1. 1 decor8

    Oh I love that photo of Bjork. She is amazing…

  2. Love Love LOVE what you’re sharing in this site. So much to see, different perspectives in eco-living, and so much resources that I didn’t know about. Thanks for this!


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