Delicious Diversion: FabGreen Gets Tagged


Oh the fun diversions bloggers will come up with. I’ve seen bloggers get “tagged” and confess to six little known facts about themselves, and lo and behold, FabGreen’s been tagged to fess up. Don’t put it against me! Hope you all still keep coming back because it would be a lonely place without you. Here goes:

Six Little Known Facts about FabGreen:
1. I used to be afraid of dogs. Now I’m hopelessly attached to them, the way some people get about babies. The cooing can be embarrassing.

2. I read everything I can find my hands on related to Elizabeth 1, Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, basically brillant women who ruled England at a time when people lost their heads for marrying the wrong person or sneezing on a monarch. Uh, like Jane and Anne for example!

3. When I was 12 I tried to sew a dress for myself that looked like a Laura Ingalls prairie-style gunne sax dress (my fashion sense was questionnable I know). I laid down on a leftover bolt of fabric (thanks mom), and with a marker traced the outline of my body. I cut two matching pieces, sewed the edge and turned it inside out. Thought I was such a genius for figuring out this pattern but of course, I didn’t fit into it.

4. I used to be allergic to many raw fruits and veggies. Then a macrobiotic eating yoga friend suggested I might be allergic to pesticides. Hmm…low and behold, an organic fruit/veggie eater was born. Although please don’t put me in the same room with any kind of melon. I’ll blow up like a balloon.

5. I got engaged on the Great Wall of China. My husband, who’s afraid of flying traveled halfway around the world to propose. The story used to be on the Wedding Channel website, but since we’re nearly six years married, we’ve been replaced by fresher-faced couples.

6. I’m loud and shy at the same time. Makes no sense I know, but what can I say, I’m a Gemini. With AB bloodtype. Which mean in Chinese culture, I’m a confused, artsy kook. Pretty spot on.

Ok, I have to tag some folks before Summer at BTC Elements beats me to it. Melissa at LA GreenLiving, Val and GreenMonkey at GLiving, Suzi at hellofagirl, Chris at doesitreallyhappen, and newly blogging cousins of mine Karen and Willy at ourspace.


4 Responses to “Delicious Diversion: FabGreen Gets Tagged”

  1. 1 My Marrakech

    I love your dress pattern. That’s so sweet.

  2. 2 hautenature*

    Yeah, that sounds familiar: from Gemini to Gemini. (;

  3. 3 Fabulously Green

    twins unite!

  4. 4 Summer

    Go Gems! I want to see pics of that Great Wall proposal. It definitely sounds fabulous…

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