Castaway Chandeliers by Stuart Hayworth


Is this a sculpture or chandelier? How about both. Designed and crafted by British artist photographer/sculptor Stuart Haygarth, the Tide chandelier creates a surpringly minimalist statement with a maximalist collection of found objects. Obsessed with collecting and transforming objects since 2004, Stuart Haygarth

The original Tide chandelier is part of a larger body of work based on the collection of ‘ man made’ debris washed up on a specific stretch of Kent coastline. I have been collecting material over many years and the work is still in progress. The material collected is sorted and categorized and several individual pieces of work were produced.

The Tide chandelier is created from clear and translucent objects, primarily made of plastic. Each object is different in shape and form, yet they come together to produce one sphere. The sphere is an analogy for the moon which effects the tides which in turn wash up the debris.

Here’s a closeup look:

We wish the Tide could swap out it’s 100W incandescant bulb with an energy-saving fluorescent one. Thanks to Inhabitat for the find! I couldn’t get enough so on I went to Stuart’s website:

Shadey Family Chandelier, Stuart Haygarth, 2004
Victorian style gets an update when pre-loved vintage lampshades join forces to become an elegant, linear chandelier.

Catch more of Stuart Haygarth’s work here.


3 Responses to “Castaway Chandeliers by Stuart Hayworth”

  1. 1 hautenature*

    Hi Steph, looks like we have the same taste: for the “Tide Lamp”. I am tagging for a 6 things about yourself post. =)

  2. 2 My Marrakech

    I love that chandelier. I collect things on the beach to make things. But none as lovely as this.

  1. 1 ecoDomestica reDesign

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