DIY STYLE | How to "Vogue" Those Walls


Holly Becker over at decor8 posted this fabulously green idea yesterday that seemed perfect for those among us who need a 12-step program to rein in our magazine addictions: design-your-own wallcovering.

Tools: a paper shredder that can turn those Vogue mags into long and lean ribbons. Cross-cut patterns will work too, but you will have to work harder with smaller pieces. Old magazines (if you’re a pack rat, consider clipping out the pages you want to keep and shredding the rest. If you haven’t looked at a magazine in over a year, shred away!).

See the full post at decor8. Photo and idea originally taken from Budget Living: Home Cheap Home.

Make it Fabulous:

Get creative with your materials. Play with recycled newspapers, old greeting cards, wrapping paper, colorful junkmail, the West Elm catalogs that arrive in your mailbox every other day, past IKEA catalogs, maps. The choices and patterns you can design are endless.

If you design it, send us a photo!


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