Design Meets Cannery Row


Storage that doubles as a piece of wall art? The Cesaria Evora Storage Unit by GodoyLab takes recycled cans and transforms them into a wall mounted shelving unit. Originally designed in 1997, Emiliano Godoy has created many versions since. These units strike a perfect balance of industrial style and elegance.

The DIY Version: Create your own storage unit from empty paint cans or coffee cans. Peel off the labels (you may need to soak them in water first). Paint the interior (and/or exterior) a sassy color for a two-toned graphic effect.

Personally, I’ve been wanting to design a room divider from cans for my home office. Open up the bottom with a can opener and paint the interior with a low-VOC paint (in a peacock blue). The trick is to hot glue them in an arrangement that becomes freestanding. Voila–a storage divider.


2 Responses to “Design Meets Cannery Row”

  1. 1 Philie

    That’s a curious idea but still funny

  2. 2 Summer

    I love that storage container! I want to see shots of your DIY can project when you’re done 🙂

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