Eriko Horiki: Washi Paper Interiors


Thanks to fellow StyleHiver Julie3Jax I’ve fallen madly in love with Kyoto-based Eriko Horiki and her company’s stunning washi finishes for modern interiors. The piece above, called Sun, was actually created as one piece (gasp) and it took 12 people two months to complete. Mulberry stems (the raw material of this washi) were embedded to create the contoured lines across the piece. Eriko also innovated a technique a splashing water droplets on the surface to create varied textures and shade.

here’s the Moon

Washi “Tatewaku water” motif set between glass for a Kyoto office building.

Light wall dome made from washi and a steel frame for public exhibition.

Feature wall for Abbey of the Good Shepherds in Osaka

Washi window treatments for a residence. Eriko’s Shimus Collection features 10 material finishes, available here.

Feature wall in a gallery. Would be gorgeous as a feature wall in my apartment! Hmm…

The Fab Factor: Washi paper is derived from various plants and grasses such as bamboo, mulberry, hemp and others, making it a sustainable choice for design.

DIY: You can buy washi papers from a local art store and adhere it with simple flour and water to windows for diffuse light, tabletops, walls–wherever your creative heart takes you. If you like to change things up like I do, the paper can be easily removed using water. Here’s a great article for inspiration and more on the washi decor trend.

Live in L.A.? Hiromi Paper in Santa Monica is having its annual paper sale. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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